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Custom Stone Design Services in Tickfaw, LA

bath countertop

A&A Stoneworks installs products for your kitchen, bathroom, and exterior.

Granite, Marble, Silestone & Quartz

There are a number of advantages to using each of these materials, all available for your countertops from A&A Stoneworks. Granite offers natural colors, longevity, and durability for low maintenance. Granite is also resistant to heat, stains, scratches, and chemical breakdown. Marble is famous for its veining of colors and ages beautifully. Quartz can be artificially colored throughout for a unique custom look and is also stain, heat, and scratch resistant.


Our experienced contractor in Tickfaw also installs sinks for new homes and remodeling projects. Metal sinks with arched faucets are available for the kitchen and bathroom sink options include stone, ceramic, copper, and metal. From basic shapes to modern, unique designs, we can install any sink to fit your preferences and budget. We have designs with cabinets underneath or freestanding.

Bathroom Counters

A&A Stoneworks also installs bathroom counters to create space to get ready in the morning and store your toiletries. These counters are available in tile, granite, marble, and quartz, with any size and shape available.

Kitchen Counters

We build kitchen counters with granite, marble, or quartz, with designs to fit around sinks and appliances, against the wall, and island or bar countertops.


If you’re ready to update your bathroom, kitchen, or bar, we also provide remodeling services for your countertops, sinks, cabinets, flooring, and more. Whether it’s outdated, in need of repair, or you just want a change, we’ll help you create the modern room you’re looking for.

Exterior Stone Work

Our Tickfaw home improvement professionals also do exterior stone work, which includes stone pillars on your porch, flower bed enclosures, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, paving stone paths and patios, and more.

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